Are You Being Served?


Are You Being Served?

Though the picture to the right is a cute little graphic…let’s delve into the topic of are you being served in your marketing methods, business and/or strategies.

How are these techniques, and your thinking about them, serving you?


Are You Being Served in everything you’re doing to build your business? 

Are your methods working for you?


Listen to Mike Hobbs as he gives his take on the subject.

For more of Mike Dobbs and his success methods on Are You Being Served

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BG Jenkins


Walk by Faith


Walk by Faith



This walk by faith video uses the music by Jermey Camp to display inspirational phrases, and pictures, for strengthening your faith and resolve when building a dream… leaving a legacy.


There are many times in our lives when we need to just Walk by Faith.


When developing our goals to reach our dreams… we need to plan, persist and Walk by Faith toward our dreams and leaving our legacy. 


You can also find this video on my Facebook page, “Building a dream… Leaving a Legacy.”

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Increase Your Marketing Budget


Is Sumixs the answer?

Increase Your Marketing Budget

In Network Marketing, are you looking for ways to increase your marketing budget?


I think I may have found a simple solution.


Sumix may be the answer to help increase your marketing budget. 


I was introduced to this site and said to myself, “Yeah right, I can earn money by taking short simple surveys, and getting paid $9-15 per survey. Then I get paid $11 per referral on top of that.  It just can’t be that easy.”


This may be the case with Sumixs.  The only knowledge I have of the company, is what I’ve learned on the site, so I’m not making any guarantees, but I’m personally trying this.


Watch the video below and see what Sumixs says about it.

Could you use some extra cash to increase your marketing budget? 

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Productivity Secrets That Will Benefit


Productivity Secrets That Will Benefit

We all need those productivity secrets that will benefit getting our minds, bodies and businesses in order for becoming successful in everything we do.


Watch the video below from Network Marketing industry leader, Adam Whiting, and then start implementing his tips!


Now that you’ve seen Adam Whiting’s Productivity Secrets That Will Benefit….Get Started producing the same kind of results as this industry leader!

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Money Doesn't Buy Happiness


Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness


How many times have we heard that “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Some of us may laugh, and disagree, and others of us will concur with that statement.


When we come to understand that money is a needed resource, and that love is the underlying basis for happiness, we’ll start believing that there is nothing impossible for us because we are loved by others and by the God of the universe.  So in my take, money doesn’t buy happiness…happiness is about being loved and having a deep connection with others. 


Money does, however, ease pain and suffering when used to help others.  We all need to provide  a living for our families, and money is that resource that most of us use.  The barter system, though used in some circumstances, is largely not used in most cases.


“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.” ~Mother Teresa


There are many rich folks who end up despondent, and lost because of having no one to love in their lives.  Money doesn’t take care of the loneliness felt when sitting home alone on holidays, or walking by yourself through life.


There’s nothing that brings more happiness than having someone to share your life, your struggles, and your successes with.


Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it is a necessity for living.

Can you imagine trying to live without a dollar to your name?  The struggles would be pretty unbearable.  Imagine trying to buy food, gas or the necessary items for your family without money.  Money is a needed tool to maneuver through life.



Though money is a needed resource for living… money doesn’t buy happiness, try love instead!



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